5 Harmful Habits That Affect Your Teeth

5 Harmful Habits That Affect Your TeethBeautiful teeth are a business card of a person. Therefore, care for them must be correct and timely.

In order for the teeth to be healthy, they should not only be properly taken care of, but also not to make absurd mistakes, without knowing what harm they do to the tooth enamel.

Do you like sweets and dried fruits

By itself, sugar teeth are not harmful. Harmful acid, which is produced by special bacteria in the mouth. It is she who destroys the tooth enamel and leads to tooth decay.

The longer the sweetness is in the mouth, the more bacteria grow and the more acid is released. To “long-playing” sweet products include sucking candies, toffee, chocolate, jelly sweets and sweet soda.

With dried fruits, things are even worse: they are viscous and stay on their teeth for a long time, strengthening the effect.

What to do

After eating lendetsov, toffee or jellies, you should rinse your mouth clean, and preferably boiled water.

Do not combine soda with sweet, fatty or rich starches or acids with food. Drink such drinks must be strictly through the tube and in a moderate amount.

Fruits and dried fruits should be a separate food intake, and after them it is necessary to brush your teeth.

Drink too hot drinks

When you drink hot coffee or tea, the temperature in the mouth rises, your teeth heat up, and then quickly cool down. And if you still after that can drink cold soda or eat ice cream, then such temperature changes are one of the most harmful effects on teeth.

Because of this, micro-cracks appear on the enamel, into which bacteria penetrate. Under the influence of bacteria, cracks grow, enamel breaks down, caries appear.

What to do

Do not combine hot with cold. For example, instead of hot coffee, take ice cream with a cool and unsweetened drink.

Brush your teeth once a day

If you brush your teeth once a day and do it immediately after breakfast, then this is your huge mistake that can harm your health.

What to do:

Teeth need to be cleaned twice a day – before the first meal and after the last. This should be done within 2-3 minutes. And the brush movements should be vertical, not horizontal.

If you brush your teeth before breakfast, then it’s worth using a mouth rinse that will wash off the food and cleanse the bacteria. But in the evening you do not need to brush your teeth right after eating, and after 30-45 minutes. We must wait until the normal LV is restored in the oral cavity.

During a meal with some products in the oral cavity gets acid. And as soon as you start brushing, you essentially help the acid penetrate deeper into the tooth enamel and destroy it.

You use your teeth as an instrument

Sometimes it is difficult for us to restrain ourselves and not to bite off the rest of the thread while sewing, accidentally broken a fingernail, open some kind of packaging or crack the nutshells with teeth.

But all these actions can lead to the appearance of cracks, splitting of the walls of the tooth, suturing the gums, darkening the teeth, caries or even to the removal of the tooth.

What to do

Try to be careful. Do not try to misuse your teeth. Teeth are not knives, not openers or scissors, they are designed for eating and smiling. Open the packaging, bottles, cut the thread with special tools.

Continuous use of whitening paste

Here it is worth noting that whitening pastes are different. These are pastes with a mechanical effect of abrasive particles, with a chemical principle of action based on oxidation and discoloration of the plaque, and preventive pastes that do not give rise to the build-up.

However, each of these pastes with prolonged use can affect the sensitivity of the teeth.

What to do

If the sensitivity has already appeared, you can choose a mouth rinse, which contains potassium compounds, they block the painful sensations from sour, cold and hot.

Image Credit: Engin_Akyurt