Your Child’s Smile Starts With Healthy Teeth

Your Child's Smile Starts with Healthy Teeth

Rotten deciduous teeth can cause infection of the rudiments of permanent teeth located under their roots. As a result of infection from the roots of the baby tooth, the rudiment of the permanent can die. Or a permanent tooth will erupt with a spot of white, yellow, or brown.

If due to the complications of caries, deciduous teeth are removed, it can lead to the development of malocclusion, lack of space for permanent teeth. Therefore, it is necessary to protect the baby’s baby teeth as soon as they erupt. So, how to properly care for your baby’s teeth?

Proper care

Experts advise wiping the child’s gums after eating with sterile gauze before the eruption of the first tooth. This procedure should be done gently and carefully so that dental care causes the child only pleasant sensations.

When the first tooth erupts, it should be cleaned with gauze or cotton wool wound on a stick.

You can start brushing baby teeth with a soft bristle brush when your child is about a year and a half old.

It is too early to use toothpaste, the brush should be moistened only with warm water.

It is good if parents show the child how they brush their teeth because children always try to imitate adults.

Child oral care

When the baby is three years old, he should already be able to brush their teeth.

Although parents should control this process until the age of six and should apply toothpaste to the brush themselves. Its normal amount is the size of a pea. Even if the baby accidentally swallows this amount, it will not harm him.

Periodical teeth exams

Parents should periodically examine the baby’s teeth and see a doctor immediately if spots appear.

At the age of one and a half to two years, in any case, it is necessary to visit the dentist for the first time. Even if the child has healthy teeth and no caries, it is still worth visiting the dentist twice a year.

The doctor will identify signs of incorrect occlusion formation in time, will monitor the timely change of teeth. Sometimes baby teeth are delayed, and permanent ones erupt from under them. Only a doctor can determine which baby tooth it is time to remove.

Picture Credit: Pexels