Wine, teeth and Saliva : what’s in common?

wine-drinking-wikiediaDo you like to drink? I do not mean to get drunk. And just to have a drink on a cold evening glass of wine? Reasons are many: evening – sadness, melancholy. Or evening – a good mood … but always somewhere behind the scenes there is a question: how not to go too far? In addition to short-term lift the spirits alcohol has its drawbacks. And it’s not just a headache in the morning.

White and red wine contain acids that make tooth enamel more susceptible to staining, and only pigments, found in red wine, to finish his “dark” matter, staining the teeth. This is especially true for those wines which manufacturers add to their products dyes. Therefore, in order to neutralize the effects of acid on the teeth, in restaurants as a snack with wine offered cheese.

This dark coloring element

Apart from the fact that alcohol washes away from the body vitamin A, all the B vitamins B, zinc, potassium, iron and magnesium, it also leaches calcium, which is so essential for healthy teeth.

Undue damage throughout, especially alcohol, which reduces immunity, harm the body as a whole, including those of periodontal – the tissues that surround the tooth. Doing loose and sensitive gums, alcohol leads to periodontal disease, and thus to bleeding gums and, if time does not take steps to loss of teeth.

What’s wrong with saliva?

Alcohol alters the whole process of salivation and metabolism, which will inevitably affect the


freshness of breath, not to mention the unpleasant smell of fume that reaches fans of alcohol in the morning. And yet – remember the dry mouth. Saliva did not seem enough. And that is exactly what it is.

Especially harmful fizzy alcoholic drinks, as they contain all the harmful for teeth factors: the sugar that causes tooth decay, dyes, eats into the enamel of the teeth, ethyl alcohol and acid, also adversely affecting the state of the enamel, and carbon dioxide in large quantities , which is being absorbed in the stomach, forms carbonic acid promotes the leaching of calcium from the body. In addition, alcoholic beverages is recommended to drink chilled, which makes the enamel of the teeth even more defenseless against this explosive mixture.

And, of course, those who smoke, are beginning to smoke even more. That, for obvious reasons, not the best way affects the state of the mouth and the smell of breath.

Summarizing all the above factors, alcohol leads to the formation of stable dark plaque on the teeth, which can be removed only in the dental office. To be perfectly honest, of course, plaque is formed not only among fans of red wine each to drink, but also, and above all in smokers. And when you combine one with the other, and then come out – a dangerous mix. Of course, at the present level of dental services all can be replaced and corrected. But the cost and work on the amendment smile will not cheap.