Why Use Tongue Scrapers?

Dental Tongue Scraper
Picture: Wikipedia

Dental hygiene mainly revolves around proper maintenance and care of tooth and not to forget gums. However equally important is cleaning tongue thoroughly. Dentist often recommend the use of tongue scraper to clean tongue and maintain proper oral hygiene. The body cleans out toxins while a person is asleep at night. Some of these toxins get deposited on tongue which is the reason why it is essential to clean tongue every morning. Bacteria and mucous build up at root or back of tongue resulting in formation of white film. This is what causes bad breath and often inhibits proper functioning of taste buds.

The Ayurvedic medicine treatment practised in India has recommended use of tongue scarpers as it helps in formation of healthy teeth prevents sinuses and enhances digestion. The taste improves drastically with clean tongue as taste buds can function in a better way. It is extremely important to make sure that the right type of scraper is used for cleaning tongue. For that, it is best to take advice from dentist. Scrapers not only help with tongue cleaning but even massage the organ which is quite beneficial.

Sinuses are kept clear and the throat is revitalized through proper tongue cleaning. Advancements in dental medicine has led to the development of new facts which state that bad breath among people generally occur from bacteria that grows on tongue rather than gum diseases. Even though many people use toothbrush for cleaning purpose but it is always beneficial if tongue scraper can be used.