Filling Of Milk Teeth

What is Milk Tooth Filling

The care of milk teeth begins with their first growings. Unfortunately, even the most attentive parents, who take special care of their child’s health, also can face problems with baby teeth. Darkening and the development of caries – one of the most popular reasons for going to the dental clinic.

There is an opinion, dangerous in its fallacy, that the milk teeth are better not to treat because they will fall out. Pediatric dentists around the world are trying to reach out to parents with the sole purpose – to make everyone aware that the health of deciduous teeth largely determines the future state of permanent teeth.

Causes of caries of milk teeth

One of the most popular opinions is that tooth decay is caused by excessive intake of sweets by babies. Enough to impose restrictions on candy, gingerbread and health will return to normal. The effect of carbohydrates is just one of many reasons.

But the development of this process can be due to these reasons:

1. Insufficient care – plaque becomes a favorable environment for the formation and reproduction of pathogenic environment;

2. The use of other cutlery – bacteria can safely “migrate” from family and friends;

3. Hereditary predisposition – in some cases, ideal care and a balanced diet can not change genetics;

4. Bad habits – mothers who can not deny themselves the pleasure of smoking a cigarette during pregnancy should be aware that the problems will affect the baby’s teeth.

The location and degree of damage indicate the type and stage of caries

  1. Spots often occur on the front of teeth, without causing discomfort or pain. This problem easy solves by therapeutic methods.
  2. The surface appearance by darkening, which provokes sensitivity to sour, salty or sweet. Moderate caries affect the dentin, causing severe pain. At this stage, it is already necessary to fill children’s teeth.
  3. Deep caries, as the final stage, damages almost all dentin. The child complains of severe, persistent pain. Bad breath appears. The treatment procedure differs in duration, pain, and repeated visits to a specialist.

Do you need to fill baby teeth?

The filling of a baby tooth performing by a pediatric dentist, who separates the affected areas from a healthy molar, treats the canals and restores the geometry (if necessary). Dental fillings in children are important for:

  • prevention of disorders – deciduous teeth involve the formation of occlusion, as well as the development of the jaw. Premature removal will lead to improper growth of indigenous counterparts;
  • prevention of destruction of permanent teeth – the infection can penetrate not only into the root of the milk molar but go further into the bone tissue, infecting the root teeth in the early stages;
  • maintaining the beauty and confidence of the baby – a beautiful smile is important for everyone, regardless of age.

In the process of filling children’s teeth, specialists use only modern materials. To bring the oral cavity to a normal state, are used reflective composites.

Recommendations for parents to care for fillings baby’s teeth

Fill deciduous teeth need care. They must be cleaned at least twice a day. After eating, it is desirable to rinse, removing leftover food.

In addition, in the first days after fillings teeth, it is better to refrain from cold and hot drinks. In case of unpleasant sensations, consult a doctor immediately.

The debut visit to the dentist is a signal that the teeth need more attention. The dentist can advise you on the appropriate toothpaste and teach you how to properly organize hygienic measures so that the healthy teeth remain healthy and the filling ones are not injured.

After installing the filling, it would be ideal to come for a preventive examination every three months.

Putting fillings on baby teeth will help not only maintain the health and well-being of your child but also prevent future problems with permanent teeth. Timely referral to the dentist helps eliminate the problem quickly and painlessly.

Picture Credit: Pexels