How to brush your child’s teeth

How to brush your child's teethWhen the baby’s teeth begin to erupt, young mothers are wondering if they need to brush their teeth as well as adults. Dentists answer this question unequivocally – yes!
Once the teeth appeared in the mouth of the child, you need to start regularly to look after them. Sad statistics say that more than half of children between the ages of one to three are already developing caries. Most often, this is caused by the parents’ inattention to the regular care of the baby’s teeth. Many parents careless enough about the milk teeth, believing that if they fall out, there is no need to take care of them. However, a diseased milk tooth can ruin a healthy rudiment. Hence the formation of an incorrect occlusion, and problems with the development of the jaws and problems with the stomach may arise.

How to clean the teeth?

Since 6-8 months old, to brush your teeth to a baby, of course, should mom. You can do this with gauze moistened with boiled water, or special silicone toothbrushes that are worn on the mother’s finger and do not injure the gum. After a while, the teeth can be cleaned for the child. Toothbrush for the baby should be selected with soft bristles and a small head that does not cover more than two teeth in size. Every three months, the brush needs to be changed. Toothpaste should be purchased according to the age of the baby and not contain fluoride, because the child almost completely swallows it during cleaning.

The frequency of cleansing is no different from an adult schedule – 2 times a day. Helping a child needs about two years, until the child himself learns how to properly care for their teeth.

How to teach your child to brush his teeth?

In order to learn how to clean your teeth, your child should see how his family’s teeth are brushing. The main thing is to show the baby that you get pleasure from it. Let mother show it first, then dad, then grandmother. You can show the cleaning process on the dolls, and then properly brush the teeth to the baby with the appropriate comments. To interest the child – go with him to the store, select the brush and paste together. Pasta is best chosen with the child’s favorite taste – strawberry or with ice cream flavor. Teach your child to look after the brush, wash it after use, put it in a special cup with the handle down. Hang in the bathroom mirror lower, so that the child can watch as he cleans his teeth.

How to properly brush your teeth?

Brush movements should be predominantly vertical – from the gums to the outer edge of the tooth. Lower teeth are cleaned from the bottom up, upper – vice versa. With such movements, the bristles of the brush will better remove the remains of food between the teeth and massage the skin. The bristles of the toothbrush should be positioned at an angle of 45 degrees. And the main thing is not to do horizontal movements, this spoils the gum and bare the base of the tooth, which makes it possible to get into them the remains of food, which provokes Tooth decay.

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