When Do Baby Teeth Fall Out?

When Do Baby Teeth Fall Out?The replacement of baby teeth by the child’s constant occurs on average at the age of seven. There may be slight deviations in periods, in one direction or another. It seems erroneous that the teeth of babies appear in the first year of life. In fact, this is not so. The laying of vital organs occurs during the period of intrauterine development, in the early stages of pregnancy. Since birth, they are preparing for growth. Parents should, from an early age, monitor the oral cavity of the infant, and carry out hygiene procedures. A baby tooth infected with caries can infect a permanent tooth.

When the baby teeth fall out – soreness

Sometimes parents feel that falling out of baby teeth can be painful for the child. Do not worry about this. When preparing for a physiological replacement, the roots seem to “dissolve”, as a result of which the baby teeth gradually loosen.

When the baby teeth fall out – the sequence

The timing of growth and replacement of teeth in children vary. But the sequence is approximately the same. First, missing permanent molars are cut. And only then begins the process of loosening and falling out of baby teeth.

First of all, the lower incisors are updated, then the upper incisors are replaced, followed by the premolars. Fangs are the last to fall. Then the child grows second permanent molars, after 18 years – the third (wisdom teeth).

Important information for parents

The period of growth of permanent teeth is very difficult. At this stage the enamel of new teeth is tender, there is a risk of infection with caries. It is necessary for the child to brush his teeth in the morning and in the evening, and control how he does it.

A healthy diet for a child now comes first. In the daily diet should be enough essential minerals. You can give the children vitamins in special capsules. Once every six months, the dentist should examine the oral cavity.

Often children try to loosen and remove the baby tooth themselves. Tell them about the harm of such actions, because you can put an infection in this way. Sooner or later the tooth will fall out anyway.

What if the teeth grow wrong?

If the baby tooth does not fall out, and the adult already “asks” outside, this is not very good. There may be a distortion of growth, an incorrect arrangement in the row. In this case, the child should be examined by an orthodontist.

In addition, adults should observe the appearance of interdental spaces at the age of 6-7 years, since permanent teeth need a wider space. If this does not happen, then you also need to see a doctor.

When is medical care required?

When the process of changing teeth is painful, accompanied by sensitivity of enamel, itching, swelling of the gums, dentist consultation is necessary. If the baby tooth makes it difficult to grow permanently, the doctor must remove it. Do not delay the removal and then, when loosening and loss of teeth is accompanied by problems and discomfort.

Image credit: Mojpe