5 Dental Myths You Need to Avoid

5 Dental Myths You Need to AvoidEach of us tries as closely as possible to monitor the health of teeth, because the trip to the dentist is a nasty thing and quite expensive.

Let’s see what is common in every tooth care, actually hurts.

Pregnant can not treat teeth

If the pregnant girl has problems with the teeth, they must be eliminated. If this is not done, the pregnancy will be aggravated at times, and it will be much more difficult to treat the teeth.

Most often, pregnant girls are afraid to go to the dentist because of fear that anesthesia will harm the fetus. Do not worry, recent studies show that local anesthesia is safe for pregnant women. The main thing is to tell the doctor about the period of pregnancy.

Caries appears from sugar

There is a common myth that caries appears exclusively from sugar. In fact, the caries are caused by carbohydrates, not just sugar: cereals, fruits, vegetables, pastries and so on.

After eating carbohydrate food, you should rinse your mouth to prevent bacteria from the slightest chance.

To the dentist you need to visit only when something hurts

To the teeth were in perfect condition, the dentist should be treated twice a year – just for inspection. Agree, most often, we go to the doctor when everything is bad.

If you want to have healthy and strong teeth, train yourself to visit the doctor twice a year. This will save your budget.

It is necessary, as often as possible, to brush your teeth

Brush your teeth 2 times a day – nothing more. If done more often, there is a high risk of damage to the enamel from the abrasive paste particles.

Between brushing your teeth, use dental floss and special rinse aid to protect your teeth during the day.

Baby teeth can not be treated

Many parents are sure that the milk teeth can not be treated, because they later, still fall out. In fact, caries on the milk teeth can lead to purulent inflammation, which will damage the molar tooth.

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