Periodontitis and Pregnancy

Prenant_womanNew studies have revealed that maintaining a good dental health is as important as taking care of other things during pregnancy period. And if someone fails to do that then it will result in severe adverse effects like giving birth to premature and low- weight baby. After- effects include deferred motor skills, respiratory problems and learning disabilities. It has always been known that smoking and drinking is bad for a pregnant woman. Now they have an aide in the form of periodontitis.

Periodontal disease leads to loss of teeth and other related systematic diseases like cardiovascular disease. Some of the indications of this disease include the likes of redness, swollen gums and tenderness. Other symptoms can be bleeding, loose teeth, bad breathe and gums getting pulled away.

Periodontitis, the disease is as threatening as cavities. The main use of the gum is to keep the teeth in its exact place. But if they start dissolving then the teeth will have absolutely nothing to grab on to, resulting in a complete fall out of the teeth. Gum disease not only damages the gums but soon extends to other body parts as well.

Visiting the chamber of a dentist is important if you experienced inflamed gums, lumps or red swellings. And if pregnant, then make an appointment with the dentist like right now.

You can keep the gums healthy by eating healthy, avoiding tobacco, brushing and flossing regularly and paying a visit to the dentist every month.

Author Bio: Tony Rolland is a marketing consultant for Santa Rosa dentist Valeria Lawrence DDS, a progressive Santa Rosa,CA dentist. Tony writes about alternative medicine, health, dentistry and advancements in medicine and dentistry.

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